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ControlSchool is the most comprehensive educational and tutorial management system that will meet all your needs for a complete management of your staff, as well as your teachers, students and parents.

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ControlSchool is an valuable tool for organizing secondary education tutorials, training centers, foreign language centers, dance or music schools, and private tutors. With its integrated features of the platform, you will be able to access all the necessary information instantly, while communication between staff, teachers, students and parents is a simple process.

The software has a complete accounting system, so you will have control over your finances, such as invoices, receipts, expenses, salaries of staff, teachers and much more.

In addition, we have an integrated monitoring system for staff, teachers and students to keep track of their status every time, such as absences, attendance, leave requests, notes and much more.

The ControlSchool Management System (CRM) is ready for mobile use and its users do not need to download or install any applications on their mobile phones. Any user can sign in to their account through a secure login address.

Additional information

User types

Super Administrators, Administrators, Manager, Principal, Teacher, Student, Parents, Accountant, Librarian, HR, Receptionist, Store Keeper

Front office features

Visitors Log, Phone Calls, Postal, Contact Messages, Enquiries, Complaints

Main operations

Manage Employees, departments & designations, Classify each employee under dept. & design

Student features

Enroll your school employees in the system, Control student categories & Medical History, Control students documents & Attendance

Library Management


Inventory Management


Online Exams



Income, Expenses, Payrolls, Fees

Additional features

Easily control each employee roles & permissions

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